Karawek Reed Diffuser Set


This diffuser is inspired by a strong sweet scent but graciousness from Karawek flower representing a politeness and generosity of Thailand.  Experience a courtesy of Thailand with our Bath & Bloom Karawek Diffuser and enjoy our Thai essence with a warm-hearted hospitality.


Bath & Bloom diffuser is made from non-toxic and bio-degradable ingredients so it is definitely environmental friendly.  It fills your living space with our unique scent and leaves only a joyful and relaxing ambience to your mind and soul.  Let Bath & Bloom bring you a wellbeing sense of living indulgence.


Pour diffuser oil into ceramic bottle.  Place all reeds into glass bottle to absorb the oil.  Then, flip such reeds and place a dry side of reeds into ceramic bottle.  Let the diffuser spread your space.

In the set:
- Bath & Bloom Karawek Diffuser Oil (net vol. 100ml)
- Rattan Reeds (9 pieces)
- Ceramic bottle


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